Tow Bars

A Tow Bar is a useful element to solve many needs both for leisure and work. Before making a choice, it is therefore essential to consider its intended use.

PG s.r.l. Staff will be able to help you to find the most suitable product for your vehicle.

Horizontally detachable SIE

Unique tow bar, conceived and produced by PeG. It belongs to the category of pull-out hooks, the electric socket comes off together with the terminal. Very easy to insert and remove.

– Very easy to use

– Aesthetically pleasing

Vertically detachable

The best tow bars on the market in terms of aesthetics, fits vertically and once disassembled nothing is visible. The electrical outlet completely disappears behind the bumper.

– The best solution aesthetically 

– Very easy to use

Fixed swan neck

It is defined as a fixed tow bar but can be easily disassembled using a wrench. The Flanged tow bar is particularly suitable for heavy use.

– Competitive price

– Easy to dismantle

Horizontally Detachable

They are tow bars whose terminal is removed by a simple maneuver when you want to remove it by operating a lever. The electric socket does not come off together with the hook but remains attached to the bumper wire.

– Aesthetically pleasing and not voluminous

– Easy to use

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